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    “10 years ago I had a strip graft done by another surgeon. As I continued to lose more hair I investigated the surgeons in my area who offered hair transplant surgery. I had my procedure done today with Dr. Sandhu and his team. The procedure was altogether more pleasant than 10 years ago. With the Neograft procedure there was no scalpel, cutting, or suturing and no ugly scar like the one I have from the strip procedure. Dr. Sandhu and his team were very professional and I had minimal discomfort throughout the day.” — F. Silva – Google Review ★★★★✩

    “The whole process was very easy from start to finish and was much less uncomfortable than I anticipated. Great results!” — Messias Fraga – Google Review ★★★★★

    “It was an absolute pleasure working with Dr. Sandhu. I had my procedure done with him after just a single consultation. He is very couteous and knowledgable. He has a very talented and experienced staff that made the procedure go as smooth as possible. His dosage on the anesthesia was just right where I was conscious enough to be doing other things but did not feel anything while the technicians were working on me. I would highly recommend him for anyone considering a procedure.” — Ravi Syalee – Google Review ★★★★★

    “I’ve been losing hair for years and had a large bald spot toward the front of my head so I needed a lot of hair transplanted. After doing some research I found out that the Neograft transplant had a high success rate of about 95% which is more than the strip method. That is why I chose Dr. Sandhu. He and his talented technicians used the Neograft on me and worked all day to transplant as much hair as possible and now after 11 months, most of the transplanted hair is growing in great! I went in with moderate expectations and wound up with much more than I expected so I will gladly be going back for a second transplant to thicken up what was already done. Thank you Dr. Sandhu! overall, I had a very good experience with great results!” — Ira Goldstein – Google Review ★★★★✩

    — Client – Google Review ★★★★★

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