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The Truth About Hair Transplant New Jersey Cost

Baldev Sandhu, MD

To understand hair transplant cost it is essential to understand a little more about the different types of hair transplants and what we have to offer.

Male pattern baldness once it starts will progress over time at some unknown rate. No medicines, shampoos, vitamins, lotions or potions have been shown to retard this. The hair that is being lost was genetically programmed to die while the hair at the back of the head is genetically different and will persist. Transplanting these hair to the front gives a cosmetically satisfying result.

hair transplant nj before
hair transplant nj after

Dr. Sandhu Before Hair Transplant

Dr. Sandhu AfterHair Transplant

Strip Method For Hair Transplant

Prior to Neograft, hair transplantation was accomplished by the strip method which involves excising a 12cm by 1cm strip from the back of your head. There are about 100 hairs per square centimeter so the maximum number of hair that can be transferred in one surgical session is 1,200 hair, (even if the technicians can dissect out every follicle from the strip without damaging it… which is unlikely). More realistically they will be able to extract 80% of the hair follicles, giving you 960 hairs in one session.

hair transplant paramus nj strip
hair restoration paramus nj strip

Strip Hair Transplant Method

NEOGRAFT can easily harvest 2,000 hair without the cutting, suturing or scarring, unlike strip.

With the Neograft technique, one hair at a time is extracted from the donor site. Since the donor site is 30cms by 7cms that is 210cms squared. Even if you extract only 10 hair from each square centimeter (leaving 90 hair per square centimeter for future use). That gives you 2,100 hair per treatment session for transplantation.

Not only can you transplant more hair with Neograft, you avoid the scar associated with the strip method. With Neograft there is a 95% take rate of the transplanted hair. How many hair can be harvested from your donor site depends on depth of your follicles, how tightly they are bound in the subcutaneous tissue and extent of scarring from prior surgeries.

neograft hair transplant nj
neograft hair transplant new jersey

After Strip Hair Restoration Method

After Neograft Hair Restoration Method

Visible scar, Difficult to re-harvest, 960 Hair Transplanted

No visible scar, Easy to re-harvest, 1,800 Hair Transplanted

Hair Transplant Cost – Why we do not charge by the graft

We always harvest as many hair as possible given the donor site, giving you the best possible result in one surgical session. Since we can not predict how many hair can be harvested from your donor site, we can not quote a price per graft. When you come in for a free consultation, we can examine your particular situation and give you a better idea of what we can achieve and what it will cost. Neograft procedures require specialized equipment and Technicians so it will cost a little more than strip. If you want to translate hair transplant cost into cost per graft at $4.00 / graft we are the least expensive and most experienced Neograft practice in the tri-state area.

We only perform Neograft and do not offer the strip method

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