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Brazilian Butt Lift

What is commonly referred to as a Brazilian butt lift is technically speaking a buttock augmentation.
Typically this is done with your own fat harvested by liposuction so it has the secondary benefit of allowing complete contouring of your waist, which is typically where the fat is harvested from. The Brazilian butt lift then seeks to enlarge your buttocks to give the overall shape you desire with this fat transfer.
Brazilian Butt Lift can also be achieved by using the newer generation of bio stimulatory fillers. This has the advantage of decreased risk of infection and the advantage that the butt lift has minimal downtime, more precise contouring and can be easily repeated if required.

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When you come in for your consultation, Dr. Dev will discuss all your options, Dr Dev Butt Lift, fat grafting and Sculptra butt-lift, to achieve your BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift.

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