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Hair Transplant New Jersey | Frequently Asked Questions

The amount of hair needed depends on the amount of hair lost and your expectations. The “Norwood Scale” below will help determine the extent of your hair loss and the approximate amount of hair you will need. When you come in for a consultation, Dr. Sandhu will discuss with you, your needs and what can be done.

New Jersey Hair Transplant Norwood Scale

The cost for having a hair transplant procedure done using the Neograft system is more than the strip method because it is more time intensive and is done without sutures or scars. The cost depends on the amount of hair loss and the required number of hair grafts transplanted. You and Dr. Sandhu will have a pre-surgery consultation to find out what is right for you and to discuss the cost involved.

The length of your procedure will depend on the amount of hair to be transplanted. In your pre-surgery consultation with Dr. Sandhu, you’ll be given an approximate time frame for your surgery.

Like with any procedure, the risk of infection is the main concern. However, we do provide multiple steps to help minimize and nearly eliminate this risk. Side effects include very minimal pain, swelling, redness or slight bleeding with most people returning to work the next day.

Hair transplant results are permanent. 

Traditional hair transplants require surgery and significant recovery time, but the NeoGraft system offers a way to help doctors restore hair to balding areas in both men and women more efficiently and less invasively.

Because of the cosmetic nature of hair transplantation, insurance is usually not involved. We do however offer patient financing through Springstone Financial. 

After the Neograft hair transplant, some minor discomfort and pain will be felt, and can be controlled with doctor-prescribed pain medication if needed.

The hair transplant anesthesia used is local anesthesia. 

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