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Skin Tightening New Jersey | Thermi

Thermi is a new FDA approved technology for non-surgical tightening of skin.

By means of a fine probe, radiofrequency waves, are delivered to the undersurface of the skin causing the collagen in the skin to contract. Once the contraction process is set off it continues and patients see continuing improvement for three months after their procedure.

Thermi After
Before & After Thermi Neck Lift

thermi beforethermi after
Before & After Thermi Neck Lift

The neck line is the commonest area where Thermi is used and delivers a result comparable to a surgical neck-lift without surgery, scalpel or stitches. Since the procedure is done under local anesthesia it also avoids the costs, and downtime associated with general anesthesia and a full surgical procedure.

thermi beforethermi neck lift
Before & After Thermi Neck Lift

Skin tightening with Thermi can be performed in other areas such as the arms, abdomen (to tighten loose skin associated with “mommy-tummy”) and can be incorporated in liposuction procedures to provide additional skin tightening.

Thermi armthermi arm
Before & After Thermi

I have even done skin tightening of the breast to achieve a non-surgical breast lift and you can watch this video to see correction of 2cms of breast asymmetry in a young lady who didn’t want the breast scars associated with traditional breast lift procedures.