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"I too suffered from hair loss and personally experienced the benefits of hair restoration. It's easier than ever now with this new Follicular Unit Transplant system. I empathise with your problem and encourage you to take the next step and call 201-337-6286"
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Hair Restoration Light Therapy

We Now Offer Light Therapy Hair Restoration!

light therapy hair restoration

Here at New Jersey Hair Restoration, we are constantly striving to get the best results possible in restoring your natural hair. That's why we recently aquired a new FDA approved light therapy hair restoration machine.

Using light therapy to restore hair is successful in up to 85% of the patients. It is a multi session, non-invasive treatment using red and blue light to strengthen and Improve the overall appearance and health of your hair. As well as improve your hair density and promote new hair growth.

Studies have shown that light therapy increases the levels of a chemical compound called adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is known to stimulate living cells including the hair follicles. Light therapy also has the effect of increasing the circulation of blood to the hair root which delivers the nutrients to cells that make up the hair follicle. The increased blood flow helps flush away the damaging waste products that may affect the hair growth cycle. This helps to improve the scalp environment to help stop thinning hair and promote new hair growth.

light therapy patient - before  Light Therapy After 6 Treatments  Light Therapy - 13 Treatments

Light therapy can be used in conjunction with a Neograft hair transplant to strengthen the newly transplanted hair folicles and help maximize your results.

Advantages of Using Light Therapy

  • No Irritation
  • No Pain
  • No Redness
  • No Down time
  • Long Term Results with simple maintenance plan
  • Ideal for Men and Women of all skin and hair types

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